A fine blend of contemporary and classic styles...
with infinite options to best suit your taste.

Working with our dynamic product development

Our collections are unique. A blend of contemporary and classic styles using only the best materials combining wood, woven fibers, coco inlay, rattan, metal, mirrors, and various engineered tops and veneer laminates.

These collections are available for wholesalers and retailers by volume or in mixed containers. We also develop new items upon request based on customer's specific requirements.

Working with our dynamic Product Development team, skilled labor force, and mechanized production lines, we can create individual product specifications.

We cater as well to the needs of hotel developers and designers' customized furniture requirements


"Classique... a collection of timeless pieces..."

Hand Carved or CNC carved, engraved or embossed components that we apply to furniture products.


We take pride in presenting our home collections, "Classique"

Hospitality Project

Here are some projects we have accomplished for the hospitality trade both domestic and international.

Form... function... comfort... rolled into each carefully crafted item

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Fulfilling your special requirement through our capability.

Explore items in our OEM Collection