Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is your capability?
Our capabilities are indoor furniture (wood and rattan), wall mirror, and mirrored furniture
What kind of wood do you usually use?
Our main wood material is Teak, Mindi and Mahogany. But we also use another material such as Hemlock, Pine, Oak, etc.
How many containers you can do in one month?
Our capacity is 50 x 40" containers per month
Which country you have shipped your items?
We currently ship to USA, Europe, Japan, etc. Please check Our Market
How to order your items?
You can fill the Inquiry Form or drop a message / or email to us and we will contact you for further information.
Do you have the MOQ?
Our MOQ is 15 - 20 pcs/items
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Call +6231 8941052 and speak directly to Marketing Service for custom advice.